Our team at Petra Consultants ensures facilities are compliant with industry codes, standards, recommended practices, and specifications.

Petra engineers routinely perform facility audits, studies, and process hazard analyses, working to support our clients with all necessary modifications and permitting.

Regulatory Services

  • Safety Flow Diagrams
  • API 14C Safety Analysis (SAFE Charts)
  • Process Hazard Analysis
  • EPA Permitting
  • Structural Permitting
  • Vent Study
  • Facilities and Pipeline Permitting
    • New Pipelines & Facilities
    • Pipeline Repairs
    • Facility Modifications
    • Federal and State Permits
  • construction management

    La Posada Intracoastal Waterway Development

    La Posada Intracoastal Waterway DevelopmentPetroQuest Energy Inc. Oil & gas field infrastructure development 6 months / $11 Million 50 MM/day gas, 1000 BBL/day oil facility Waskey deck installation Well cribbing and flowline bores from wells adjacent to facility Pipeline bores under the Intracoastal Canal for gas sales Modular construction & design utilized to reduce field […]

  • SOQ - Swan Ranch

    Bridger Swan Ranch

    Swan RanchBridger Cheyenne, WI Oil storage blending facility 220,000 barrels of storage capacity 10 Truck LACT Offloading Stations 120,000 barrel per day throughput capacity Initial design and build out expanded for increased capacity Additional truck offloading LACT stations Additional pipeline and LACT for oil transport


    Permian Basin Texas

    Permian Basin TexasSable Permian Resources Field infrastructure development 2 years / $100 million Design / build 7 large scale production facilities Multiple modifications to preexisting infrastructure Engineering and design of saltwater disposal pipe networks

  • SOQ - Eagle Ford(1)

    Eagle Ford Shale Texas

    Eagle Ford Shale TexasPlains Exploration & Production (PXP) Oil & gas field infrastructure development 18 production facilities and pipeline infrastructure projects 2-year development / $180 million Engineering Design and Project Management Standardized packaged equipment Shop fabrication and prepackaging of equipment on-skid Modularization of plant interconnect piping Shop Fabricated Pipe Racks decreased on-site construction time and […]

  • SOQ - Deepwater

    KOQV / Horn Mountain & Holstein Deep

    KOQV / Horn Mountain & Holstein Deep Freeport McMoRan Oil & Gas, Gulf of Mexico Simultaneous projects to modify two existing facilities to support additional oil and gas production from sub-sea wells Integration of production and safety systems Project cost controls and scheduling Construction Management and work pack development for project scope implementation 18 months/ […]